Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DRG (Digital Raster Graphics)

The above image is of 7.5-minute Digital Raster Graphic.
DRGs are topographical images which are ultra high resolution, with a minimum of 250 dots per inch.
Using Beagle Board to process DRG's can be handy tool, because of its size and the fact that it consumes very little power. One way to process DRGs can be break them into tiles, and then joining them together again after processing. Beagle Board's DSP can be used to offload some work needed in order to process DRG's
Several beagle boards can be used with each beagle board processing one tile at a time.

IRC nicks ds2 and av500 were discussing about it
The thread can be found at: http://www.beagleboard.org/irclogs/index.php?date=2010-02-05#T23:28:16

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