Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Other Boards

Here are some boards which are similar to that of Beagle Board.

Hawk Board

  • Dual Core SoC
    • 300-MHz ARM926EJ-S™ RISC MPU
    • 300-MHz C674x VLIW DSP
  • ARM926EJ-S Core
    • 32-Bit and 16-Bit (Thumb®) Instructions
    • DSP Instruction Extensions
    • Single Cycle MAC
    • ARM® Jazelle® Technology
    • EmbeddedICE-RT™ for Real-Time Debug
  • ARM9 Memory Architecture
  • C674x Instruction Set Features
    • Superset of the C67x+™ and C64x+™ ISAs
    • 2400/1800 C674x MIPS/MFLOPS
    • Byte-Addressable (8-/16-/32-/64-Bit Data)
    • 8-Bit Overflow Protection
    • Bit-Field Extract, Set, Clear
    • Normalization, Saturation, Bit-Counting
    • Compact 16-Bit Instructions
  • C674x Two Level Cache Memory Architecture
    • 32K-Byte L1P Program RAM/Cache
This board is capable of producing VGA resolution, and you can even attach a SATA hard drive on this board.

Leopard Board

  • 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • USB 2.0 (can be used to power the board or as expansion)
  • JTAG and Serial ports for debugging
  • SD memory card support (also supports SDIO)
  • Stereo audio In/Out
  • Expansion connector for customer add-on feature
  • Composite TV Output
  • LCD/DVI Interface
  • Support 720p at 30pfs
  • VGA Camera board (included)
  • Support wide range of video resolutions from VGA, 1.3M, 2M, 3M to 5 Mega-pixel CMOS Sensors (High resolution camera boards available seperately)
  • Royalty-free open source 2A functions

This board has some good expansion features such as camera board.
Also it can be used as an input device for camera, with a beagle board. Basically like a stand-alone camera, with its own video decoder.

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