Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On Monday, I created a Wiki page for terminology commonly used and found within the IRC channel and BeagleBoard set-up. Here is the link:

[14:14:38] Until recently, most people on the IRC channel were copying and pasting the user name of whom they were trying to reply to. They found out on October 13th that if type in the first letter of the user name and press tab, it does the job for you. [21:26:05] gcohler provided that TWL4030 was an original part, which was recently upgraded to TWL5030. Therefore most things still have TWL4030. A compatible device to the TWL5030, called the TPS65950, will be offered to customers at all volume levels.

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Jason Kridner said...

The TPS65950 technical reference manual (TRM) is now on-line at