Thursday, October 2, 2008

09/16/08 - 09/18/08

[03:30:14] FFmpeg is a computer program that can record, convert, and stream digital audio and video in different formats. It is a command line tool that is made up of open source libraries.
[03:35:30] I also learned that LPC is a programming language. It is object-oriented and originated from C, placing it in the family of C-like programming languages. It has also evolved into the Pike programming language, which is used for various internet services, multimedia apps., and system admin task. The abbreviation LPC stands for "Lars Pensjo C", derived from the original developer, Lars Pensjo. LPC is also the Linux Plumber's Conference and several of the community people were there at the event in Portland, OR (PDX) this year.

[19:07:22] As embarrassing as it is to admit, up until today, I believed that "git" was one of those mean name-callings. I saw it quite a bit in the IRC logs. [14:54:03] However, git is actually a software source code management project. It is known for it's speediness and was created for Linux kernel development. Many high-profile software projects (Linux kernel, server, etc.) use Git for revision control. I feel so smart right now...

[21:50:17] PLD stands for Programmable Logic Device. It is an electronic component used to build reconfigurable digital circuits. A PLD differs from a logic gate as it has an undefined function at the time of manufacture, whereas the logic gate has a fixed function. Before the PLD can be used in a circuit it has to be programmed.


openid said...

Actually, you're not far off with your definition of 'git'. It was created after a large spat in the community over the use of a non-free revision control system (bitkeeper), preferred by Linus, was withdrawn by it's owner because of the actions (which I think were perfectly reasonable) of another member of the community. While no-one has directly attributed the 'git' name to that user, it always seemed pretty obvious to me what Linus was trying to say.

Ashley R. said...

hah ha. That is interesting. Thank you for sharing!