Friday, September 5, 2008

09/05/08 - 09/08/08

9/5/08 IRC logs
By viewing this day's log, I learned that to connect a Beagle Board a null modem cable and IDC10 to DB9 an AT/Everex adapter is required. I also learned that the IDC10 adapter has a black female connector on one end which is used to connect to the Beagle Board. The other end of the adapter is a DB9 male adapter connected to a metal bracket. A picture can be found at

9/6/08 IRC logs
I found out that the Beagle Board is far more affordable than others of its kind on the market. I learned that you can compile kernels on the device, as long as there is enough room available. The Beagle Board is what people use to start "projects". It is essentially a little ARM computer. It has the storage, RAM, CPU, and graphics card, all in one.

9/7/08 IRC logs
Digi-Key is not out of stock with Beagle Board and should be receiving approximately 200 boards per week. It is recommended to get a 5V power supply for the board and a serial adapter and cable. The Beagle Board has OMAP3530 ES2.1, not an ES 2.2, as believed on the IRC channel ([09:51:13]).

There is an Ubuntu port for the Beagle Board ([09:49:31]). There is no arm7v version of Ubuntu ([09:48:57]).

FFmpeg uses the NEON SIMD unit and handles a lot of video codecs ([09:34:27]). Fmod is not an opensource, therefore it does not run on Linux. It does however run on xbox, ps, and power pc (older mac). Beagle Board is popular in the handhelds! ([10:19:03])

([10:10:09]) The desktop manager and Linux kernel requires 30MB of RAM when idling at the desktop. However, you can change the Windows Manager to something lighter, and then the memory would suffice for a virtual reality chat.
[10:14:50] Opengl es driver (for 3d support) is expected to be available at the end of the year.

9/8/08 IRC logs
My boss plays hockey.
[03:14:08] Apparently, attempting a daughter board on top of the Beagle Board does not work out so well, and would be better if it were on the bottom or sitting off to the side connected by a ribbon cable.
[03:14:11] JRC stands for JTAG Route Controller.

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