Thursday, September 25, 2008

09/12/08 - 09/13/08

[01:41:47] ARM Cortex-A9 will have a fully pipelined VFPv3. The A9 has not been shipped yet. [03:47:11] MLO is an X-loader on an SD card. [03:07:43] Often referred to as a NAND operation in Boolean algebra and digital electronics, alternate denial states that at least one of its operands is false. NAND is an abbreviation for "not and". NAND also refers to a type of high-density flash storage device that utilizes that type of logic gate.

I have noticed that "VFAT" shows up a lot in the IRC logs. FAT stands for File Allocation Table and is a computer file system architecture developed by Bill Gates and Marc McDonald. It is the primary file system for many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. VFAT is an extension to FAT for long file names. It is also known as "Virtual FAT". The VFAT driver appeared before Windows 95.

[00:16:34] ALSA stands for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. It is a Linux kernel component intended to provide device drivers for sound cards. An ALSA driver is simply a sound device driver. [00:17:06] OSS is an abbreviation for Open Sound System, a standard interface for making and capturing sound in Unix operating systems. It is also sometimes refers to the software in a Unix kernel that provides its interface. In such a scenario, the OSS can be considered a device driver or collection of device drivers for sound controller hardware.

[01:32:06] McBSP is the synchronous serial port on the OMAP's. It is used to generate the I2S stream for the CODEC. McBSP is an acronym for Multi-Channel Buffered Serial Port. [06:53:46] Texas Instrument's Zoom is an MDK (Mobile Development Kit). It has a nice display/ touch screen panel and controller. It also has a built in stereo speakers and a 3.1 megapixel camera. Very spiffy.

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koen said...

I think NAND in this case refers to the type of flash built from NAND cells :)