Monday, November 30, 2009

Beagle Board Experiments

The above link is IRC nick, puppy's website. The link has some experiments conducted by puppy on beagle board. One of his experiments is Beagle Board, with external power supply, 4-port USB hubs, ┬ÁChameleon board, and a audio amplifier.
Audio amplifier is a useful tool in order to improve the quality of the sound output from beagle board, since beagle board does not have its own amplifier.

An OTG switch showed in the above link can be used to switch between beagle board becoming an end device or a server.

One of his experiments also consists of a low acceleration 3 dimensional G-force acceleration sensor, which can be used to make a 3D mouse. The X-axis and Y-axis can be used to move the mouse. The Z-axis can be used to zoom in / zoom out.
One useful application for this experiment can be using beagle board, as a presentation tool because of its 3-dimensional G-force acceleration sensor. For example, presenting a 3D drawing on a projector. This can enable a user to move, rotate, zoom in/out the drawing while presenting instead of going near the computer in order to do these type of operations.

Puppy is focused on using Data Acquisition boards to build and test circuits using a reprogrammable environment. They do not need any spealized kind of environment, so using Beagle Board gives portability.

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