Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beagle Board Accessories

These are optional accessories for beagle board
This is a modified type of beagle board with internet expansion. one can connect the LAN cable directly to the beagle board instead of using a usb hub. It adds the following to the orignal beagle board:
  • Battery Backed RTC
  • Second MMC slot
  • 10BaseT Ethernet
  • Second RS-232
  • +5V level I2C
This is a raw LCD which can be used for the beagle board as a display device. It enables a user to use the beagle board without a monitor or a pico projector. Instructions for attaching a raw LCD panel to beagle board:
This is a rechargeable emergency USB battery back-up that can be used to power the beagle board. In this way, beagle board can be powered without connecting a USB power cable. It can also be used where there is no power outlet nearby such as outdoors.
This is a 49-port USB hub that can be used on Beagle Board for using a large number of accessories such as USB keyboard, mouse, wiimote, bluetooth dongle, USB flash drive, USB card reader/writer, External USB hard drive.

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